Do Body Wraps Really Work?

Do body wraps really work?If you’ve heard about this latest trend, you’re probably wondering if body wraps really work. Just remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But that aside, you owe it to yourself to understand what a body wrap can and cannot do. Wraps first became popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s and then went away until recently. Now they are back!

People are having wrap parties and all kinds of things to get toned, firm, and detoxify their bodies. They are getting rid of cellulite and redefining their body contours. At least those are the claims. Well, believe what you want. In this article, I present you some facts about if “body wraps really work”. You can decide for yourself what’s right for you.

Do Body Wraps Really Work for Toning and Firming?

According to certain companies that market the body wraps, they certainly do tone and firm you in all those tough spots like arms, legs, buttocks, and tummy. You leave the body wrap application on for about 45 minutes and that’s it! Easy, right? Let’s think about this.

The easy button in your life would love to believe this is true. But do you really think that wrapping a body part with cloth and special cream will give you lasting results? Remember that these treatments can never take the place of eating healthy and exercise. Here are some statements from doctors who were asked if body wraps really work:

  • “There’s never been any real scientific evidence that body wraps pull out toxins or purify your body in any way,” says Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, a Washington, D.C. dermatologist and clinical instructor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
  • As for the slimming wraps, “any loss of inches is going to be temporary,” Fryhofer says. ”Wraps cannot take the place of a healthy diet and exercise.”
  • Susie Ellis agrees. “After you take the [slimming] wrap off, there will be an appearance of tightness,” she says. “It is definitely temporary.” It may last, she says, for a day or two.

Do Body Wraps Really Work and Are They Worth the Cost?

You can purchase 4 applications for about $99 and they should be used every 72 hours. Wow. That can get expensive! So let’s think about this. The result is temporary at best and you need to use it every 3 days. If you were a loyal user, you would have to spend hundreds of dollars a month to stay up on it and spend hours sitting around in a wrap!

Do you also think that a body wrap is going to make you healthy? Will it lower your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, increase your energy and lower your risk of disease?

I was not convinced of body wraps back in the 1980s and I am not now. There is one true way to get healthy and fit and that is by eating healthy food and exercising. You can buy a home fitness program for $120 and spend 45 minutes a few times a week working out. You can also buy Shakeology and drink the healthiest shake ever made for about $4.00 a day. I guarantee you will get lasting results for both your level of fitness and your health.

If you still think that body wraps really work, by all means go ahead and do that. Let me know how that’s working for you over the next few months.

I hope this article gave you some insight into the question, Do body wraps really work? Choose health and order Shakeology instead!

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